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Hi. My name is John Reynolds also known as PixTraveler. Welcome to my website. I have retired from paid employment and am living in
beautiful Frederick, MD. My interests are family, travel, photography, and enjoying opportunities here in Frederick for community service and personal growth.

I will just add just a few words about my professional career. I received a BS degree from WPI and a MS from Purdue. I started working as a physicist at a small electronics company in Massachusetts working on the first generation of microchips. Then I joined the laboratories of
the Communication Satellite Corporation. After about 25 years at COMSAT, I received a MS in software engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and worked as a software engineer. My blog has more information.

My goal is to make this website beautiful, interesting, useful, and technically up to date. As a left brained technical guy, I need to improve on the beauty part but, since I am now retired, I can spend more time making the site more beautiful.


My main current project appeals to my interests in software, travel, and photography. As I travel and take photographs, I also carry along a GPS device that tracks my route and locates my photographs. I use the photographs and the tracking data to build a gallery of geographic photo albums which are Google Earth maps linked to the photos.
Please visit my gallery to see how this works.

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