Amsterdam, Netherlands -- Tour Map With Photos Taken May 2 During PixTraveler's 2012 Baltic Cruise

This Google Earth tour map with photos follows the author's visit to Amsterdam, Netherlands. The highlight was the bus excursion to the tulip gardens at Keukenhof, Holland.

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Guided Tour

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Begin Tour. Tour Counter 0:00.
Approaching the coast. Tour Counter 3:10.
Proceeding up the Amstel River. Tour Counter 4:26.
Start photo sequence from cabin. Tour Counter 6:30.
Docking in Amsterdam. Tour Counter 7:55.
Start bus excursion. Tour Counter 8:16.
Arriving at tulip fields. Tour Counter 10:25.
Visiting the Gardens at Keukenhof, Holland. Tour Counter 11:22.
Return to the ship. Tour Counter 16:06.
Leaving Amsterdam. Tour Counter 16:35.
Leaving the North Sea. Pause and zoom to 600 miles. Tour Counter 77:25.
Passing near Jutland, Denmark. Pause and zoom to 400 miles. Tour Counter 83:00.
Approaching Copenhagen. Tour Counter 98:00.

More Information

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