A Short Summary of My Education and Work

The first four years of my small town education, in Clarksburg, MA, were in a two room school near my home where two dedicated teachers coped with teaching four grades each. I learned a lot about independent study. Finally, school bussing started and I completed the elementary grades in consolidated schools. I was fortunate to attend high school at Drury High School in neighboring North Adams. Drury, which began as Drury Free Academy, had more tradition than many colleges. It offered a rigorous college prep track with strong math and science classes. I was inspired by my physics teacher, Mr. Cameron, who taught the subject with a unique style. To shorten the story, I went on to BS degree, majoring in physics, from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA and MS in Physics from Purdue.

After graduating from WPI, I got a summer job at the research laboratory of the Sprague Electric Company in North Adams. Sprague, which got its start as a maker of reliable capacitors for radios and military electronics, was starting a new business based on emerging integrated circuit technology. Later generations based on this technology grew up to become today's microchips. I was exposed to a vibrant, innovative research environment led by internationally known experts in the field. I continued at Sprague after graduating from Purdue. A few years later, I moved on to laboratories of another startup company, the Communication Satellite Corporation. When data crept across oceans on copper wires, an inspired act of Congress gave COMSAT the mission of building a high speed global communication network. My job was to help develop high performance devices that could operate in space for years without replacement. I am proud to mention that the solar energy technology we helped develop for satellites is a cornerstone of today's renewable solar energy technology. I left COMSAT after its primary mission had been accomplished. A global network now transmits entertainment and ideas everywhere on earth.

Before leaving, I made a mid-life career change which began with a MS in software engineering from The Johns Hopkins University. After that I worked as a software engineer for several companies. Now, having retired from paid employment, I am working on my own software project when other interests do not interfere.

This is probably enough information about me, but if anyone is interested my blog has more.