PixSafari Tool Features

Track Editor

The track editor allows you to load GPS track data from one or more track files. From this you can extract a track segment within a selected time range. PixSafari has a built-in noise filter that detects and ignores points in the track where the data shows a physically imposible velocity change. This eliminates groose errors in the track data. You can instruct PixSafari to ignore a selected group of points. This is useful during an interval when the GPS signal strength is low and the track becomes too noisy. Another valuable feature is the gap filler. Gaps are created when the signal strength is so low that the GPS suspends data collection. Pictures taken during that interval can not be geolocated. The gap filler solves that problem by extrapolating the track through the gap. The pictures are not exactly located, but the result is often better than not locating the pictures at all.