Tell Your Story

PixSafari is a tool that helps you tell your story through maps and pictures. Your story may be about a vacation trip, a bicycle race, or a walk in the park. PixSafari can help when the location of your story makes a difference. PixSafari converts GPS data and your pictures into a PixSafari Presentation, an amazing, feature filled, three dimensional Google Earth map that shows where you have been and where your pictures were taken. This Tutorial has more information.

My Gallery contains sample Presentations that tell the story of my vacation trips. I created them with the PixSafari tool as I developed and tested it. I am about ready to release a beta version for limited public testing. If you are interested in trying PixSafari, please check with the PixTraveler Blog which will contain news about the release. This page has a summary of the PixSafari tool Features.