John Reynolds taking pictures

Welcome to my web site. My name is John Reynolds. My online nickname is PixTraveler. I am retired from paid employment. My interests are family, travel, photography, volunteering, and, when the mood strikes, developing software. I live in beautiful and historic Frederick, MD. I am a small town boy who grew up in the hills of northern Berkshire County in Massachusetts. I worked as physicist in the semiconductor and satellite businesses and later as a software engineer.

My goal is to make this web site beautiful, interesting, useful, and technically up to date. As a left brained technical guy, the beauty part is a challenge, but I work hard at it. My software project appeals to my interests in software, travel, and photography. As I travel and take photographs, I also carry along a GPS device that records my track. My software uses the track and the timestamp on the photos to geolocate the photos. It then does some magic to create a animated Google Earth Tour that fly's over the track and displays the pictures where they were taken. Take a look at the examples in my geographic photo album Gallery.